Surroundings of the Enrique Calvillo Hotel and Rural Houses in Spain: El Bosque, Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and more!

El Bosque is a lovely village in the Cádiz province, in front of Sierra de Albarracín and next to the Majaceite River, which is known for its trout population.


Natural surroundings of El Bosque

El Bosque has the Provincial Award for the Embellishment and Improvement of Spanish Villages for its beauty and for its location amongst forests and springs. Also, El Bosque is part of the White Villages Route and its extension is inside the premises of both Los Alcornocales Natural Park and Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.


It is the perfect environment to fully relax some days, or to discover the natural surroundings of Sierra de Cádiz through active tourism, climbing, hiking and adventure activities (including paintball, paragliding and hang gliding).


The Enrique Calvillo Hotel and Rural Houses has been awarded with the Andalusia Natural Parks Quality Label (Marca de Calidad Parques Naturales de Andalucía). We are an Information Point of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, therefore we can manage the request of permits to access the restricted trails of the reserve area.

Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park

Between Cádiz and Málaga, there are several mountain ranges of geological formation which, after the erosion caused by water, have formed canyons such as Garganta Verde, 400 metres deep, within what nowadays is the territory of Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Also, there is a labyrinth of caves -one of the most important of them is Hundidero-Gato, a cave that hosts the largest population of bats in Spain during its hibernation period, about 100.000 bats.


In Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park you will be able to hike and climb in several points: climbing to El Torreón or El Reloj, as well as Peñón Grande, Aguja de las Palomas and Peñaloja, among many others.


The forests are also remarkable, populated by several species, among which you will be able to see the Spanish fir, as well as the upper course of the Majaceite River, with an impressive variety of flora and fauna.


Some of the most outstanding hiking routes that run through Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park are the following ones:



Apart from hiking and climbing, you can also get to know the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park on horseback or from the air (hang gliding and paragliding), as well as canoeing.

Other points of interest near the Enrique Calvillo Hotel and Rural Houses

Among many other places worth discovering, we highlight some of them below.


Ecomuseo del Agua (Water Ecomuseum), in Benamahoma

Ecomuseo del Agua is located in Benamahoma, in the old Mill named del Nacimiento or de Los Capitalistas, next to the Majaceite River and the fish hatchery where the famous local trouts can be purchased.

Ecomuseo del Agua offers an exhibition of the mill machinery and other hydraulic devices that show and explain how humans used to use the water strength in this area from prehistory until today. This is especially important given that Grazalema is the area in Spain that registers more precipitations throughout the year.


Roman Salt Mines of Iptuci

The Roman Salt Mines of Iptuci are as curious as interesting. Located in the heart of Sierra de Grazalema, in Los Alcornocales Natural Park, they have their origin in the water of a spring that produces some interior artisanal salt mines that are unique in Andalusia.

The Roman Salt Mines of Iptuci have their beginning in the Bronze Age and, passing through the Phoenician and Roman times, they are still working nowadays. Therefore, the visitor can learn first-hand the artisanal process of salt extraction and drying. Some of its products –that can be purchased- are fleur de sel, salt scales and salt gypsum.


The Roman Salt Mines of Iptuci can be visited upon previous appointment with their owner, José Antonio (639 467 512).


In our blog you will find more information of interest about activities to do in our natural environment in Sierra de Cádiz.